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John Cristinziani Testimonial

The distinct advantage of hearing the geese at greater distances is a huge benefit to my success as a professional goose hunting guide. I never walk into the field without my MiniCanals.
John Cristinziani - Central Canadian Goose Calling Champion

"As a professional referee, I pull an averge of 150,000 to 200,000 skeet targets a year and rely on my to clearly understand the calls made from several different shooters I encounter. The comfort and consistency these units provide allows me to wear them all day long without having to take them out to converse with anyone around me."
Stormy Weatherford, Denton, TX.
Skeet/Sporting Clays Referee

"Terrific for better hearing protection...they're a lifesaver. Wish I would have had them fifteen years ago."
Paul N., Oklahoma City

"I'm very happy with "". They really work!"
Paul M., San Antonio

"After hunting with for one week.....I recommended them to five friends."
Jim B., Zanesville, OH

"These are great! I can really hear what I want to hear and never worry again about gun shots that hurt my ears."
Dr. John R. Johnston, San Antonio

"E.A.R. Electronic Digital units are great! I'm a little hard of hearing. E.A.R. Electronic Digital units really cut down the sounds of gunshots, but I can hear everthing else."
Dr. R. Nelson, Galveston, TX

"I'm hard of hearing and want to keep what I have. With ordinary ear plugs I can't hear the traps or score calls...or anything. E.A.R. Electronic Digital units are comfortable to use and I can hear the traps."
Richard W., Grove City, OH

"Young shooters should be educated about hearing damage and encouraged to wear E.A.R. Electronic Digital units aids while their hearing is still good."
Howard P., Arlington, VA

"Used for the first time hunting geese in Canada. "E.A.R. Electronic Digital units are very efficient. I could even wear a hat and stay warm. Ear muffs are a pain."
Steve W., Anderson, IN

"I'm very satisfied with E.A.R. Electronic Digital units. They work just like the ad said."
Ellis C., Ft. Collins, CO

"While quail hunting in south Texas, I heard a very loud buzzing in my E.A.R. Electronic Digital units. I looked down at the ground to see a five-foot rattlesnake in full strike position. Without E.A.R. Electronic Digital units, I would have been on that snake and I'm sure he would have bitten me."
Roy M., San Antonio

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OptiAll Has Helped My Glaucoma
"I want you to know how much OptiAll has helped me. I have glaucoma. Four months ago the pressure was 22. The 11th of this month - since taking almost a bottle of OptiAll - the pressure was 16. I've had this problem since 1990 and the pressure was never 16."

- LaVerne G., Ventura CA

My Husband Can See Craters on the Moon
"My husband orders your OptiAll and he loves it. He can see the craters on the moon."

- Linda D.

My Eyes Feel Strong and Vibrant
"As an Air Traffic Controller, I get a yearly eye examination to stay medically current and maintain the standards set forth by the FAA. So, I worry about my eyes and keep up on my eye prescription. From the time I get up in the morning to the time I go to bed, my eyes were always tired and strained. I tried Visine, which did nothing. I found myself squeezing my eyes closed to try to relax them or massaging them but this didn't work. Within a couple of days after I tried OptiAll, my eyes felt strong and vibrant, my vision was sharper and better focused even with my glasses. I felt a difference and mentioned this to my wife. I decided to try a cheaper product that had some of the same ingredients as OptiAll to see how that worked, but found my eyes tired once again. I checked out a local health food store about a month ago and they had OptiAll, which I promptly purchased and my eyes once again feel fantastic. I'm sold on the product and am convinced that it is a quality product which I will budget it into my life permanently."

- Jeffrey Duttweiler, Durango CO

I Was Amazed I Could See
"I've tried every expensive eye pill and [my eyes] were still getting worse. I began taking OptiAll and by the 3rd day I could see whole faces for the first time in 2 years. The next day I was amazed I could see all the tables in our dining room."

- Margene T., Medford, OR

I Have More Clarity and My Eyes Don't Seem to Get Tired
"I have been taking your product, OptiAll, for some time now and have noticed remarkable change in my eye sight. I have more clarity now than before and my eyes don't seem to get tired from reading small print..."

- Alice F., Phoenix, AZ

The Itching in My Eyes has Stopped
"Since I have been using OptiAll the itching in my eyes has stopped and I am no longer scratching my eyes."

- Mary J., Oak Harbor, WA

I Consider It a Miracle
"I have been afflicted with tinnitus for more than 40 years. The ringing in my ears was so loud that it precluded conversation in most noisy environments. I began taking RingSTOP at a double dosage for the first two weeks. On the last day, I awoke and wondered why everything seemed so loud - the birds, traffic, and small sounds of all kinds. Suddenly it occurred to me that the ringing in my ears was only about half as loud as it had been. I am now only midway through my second bottle (at the two per day dosage) and the ringing continues to diminish rapidly. The ringing is still there, but at a volume so much below what I had experienced for 40 years that I consider it a miracle. Recently I attended dinner and for the first time in my life, I could clearly understand and communicate with people seated several chairs away. My wife remarked that I seemed like a different man compared to my usual quiet, almost withdrawn self. I am. I can hear now."

- Rocky Raab, Ogden, UT

It has Done Miracles for My Tinnitus
"I would walk through snow that is up to my knees to get RingSTOP if I had to. I love it! It has done miracles for my tinnitus."

- Evelyn C., Thousand Oaks, CA

Getting Good Results
"My husband is getting good results for his ringing already after 40 days on RingSTOP and HearAll. I realize that this condition took many years to develop and could take several months to improve."

- Annemarie

My Hearing has Improved Drastically
"Due to a lifetime of military and law enforcement weaponry and squad car sirens my hearing went from bad to worse. Since using HearAll, my hearing has improved drastically. I have even lost the ringing in my ears...Your program is a great help for people like myself."

- D. Kelley

My Husband's Ringing Has Been Greatly Improved
"My husband's ringing of the ears has been GREATLY improved by your products. He started on the HearAll and was amazed by the reduction of the ringing within just a few days. He was amazed in the improvement in only two weeks. He has been taking the RingSTOP now and is very pleased with the results. He had just visited the Mayo clinic, had one test after another and was told to go home and live with the ringing!"

- Connie C.

Totally Amazed at the Results
"I have had tremendous results with Hear-All. It helped with fluttering in the ear and clarity on the phone. I had a horrible problem understanding people with an accent. I am totally amazed with the results. Thank you so very much."

- Mary H., Ventura, CA

My Hearing has Improved
"I am now retired after working years on construction and as an Ironworker for about twenty years. For the past few years, I have been having a problem hearing as well as I used to. Ringing and other sounds seem to constantly hinder my hearing. I have been taking HearAll for about a month and my hearing has improved. The ringing and other sounds seem to be fading, and I don't have to lean forward when having a conversation or watching TV."

- George N., Glendale AZ

I've had Definite Improvement in My Hearing
"I started taking "HearAll" in December and I have had definite improvement in my hearing. I play the flute and it is important for me to hear the notes.Thank you for your program and HearAll."

- Meg K.

Your Product is Amazing
My Mother is 82 years old and could not hear anyone talking to her. We wanted her to get a hearing aid, but she said no. She used ginseng without much results, but after only one bottle of HearAll, she told us not to yell at her anymore, that she could hear fine. Your product is amazing!"

- Aurora H., Maywood, CA

The Sounds in My Ears are Completely Gone
"I've suffered for a number of years with a clicking and pulsating noise in my ears. At times, it drives me up-the-wall. After taking HearAll for just 45 days, the sounds are completely gone. I can now distinguish different voice when I'm in a room with other people talking. I estimate that my overall hearing has improved by at least 40%. Thank you HearAll."

- Jerry V., Canyon City, CO

Truly Remarkable
"I started taking HearAll about 4 weeks ago. I've noticed that both my hearing loss and the ringing in my ear is better. Even though my problem is very chronic, a 30% improvement in this short a period of time is truly remarkable! I'm happy!"

- Linda K., Phoenix, AZ

The Ringing in My Ears Is Gone
"I have been taking the HearAll for less than 3 weeks. The ringing in my ears is gone. Thanks for a great formula."

- Mary M.

I'm Doing Better Now
"I'm taking my hearing aid out more often and seem to be getting along better since taking HearAll."

- Jean S., Scottsdale, AZ

I've Taken Out my Hearing Aids
"I've used your HearAll for only a short time and it's miraculous! I've been able to take out my high-tech, expensive hearing aids ($5,000 each), and can even hear my fingers rubbing together for the first time. Thank you very much.

- John A., Provo, UT

I Could Hear the Blinker in My Car
"I started to take HearAll because my greatest fear is that my hearing will continue to get worse. For years, my family has been complaining about my lack of hearing. They even joke that I cannot hear the "blinker" or the turn signal in my car. About three weeks after taking HearAll, I noticed that I could hear the blinker in my car."

- Merrill Andrus, Orem, UT

I've Been Able to Turn the Volume Down
"I usually increased the volume on the TV to the point where my wife and children began to complain about the loudness. After three or four weeks of taking HearAll, I have been able to turn the volume down to a much lower level, and I've noticed that I can understand what people are saying more clearly - even in a crowded room."

- Jack Taylor, Highland, UT

We Don't Have to Use Sign Language Anymore
"I have an elderly customer that I had to yell into the telephone in order for her to hear, and people had to use sign language to communicate with her. After using HearAll for only one month, she can now hear well enough to talk normally on the phone and people don't have to use sign language anymore. It's a miracle!"

- Dean Walter, owner, Mother Nature Natural Foods, St. Petersburg, FL

Now I Can Hear Sounds I've Never Heard Before
"I have hearing damage due to my past military life. I've been taking HearAll for a couple of months and now I can hear sounds in my quiet desert community that I've never heard before."

- David K., Susanville, CA

The Ringing has Decreased 50%
"I just want to say thank you for keeping in touch with me! I have had tinnitus for 5 months. I'm a 42 year old drummer. I'm healthy and take good care of myself. I went to 4 different E.N.T.'s and they didn´┐Ż have any medications or vitamins that they could prescribe to me. They said there is nothing I can do except to get used to it or get a masker. I went to my favorite health food store, Chamberlins, and met a nice sales girl that recommended that I try RingStop. I had never heard of it, not even from the Tinnitus association. I have been using RingStop and HearAll for approximately 6 weeks and my ringing has decreased approximately 50% I hope it decreases another 50%. I believe it will. Thank you!"

- Antone Affronti

Now I Can Hear Sounds I've Never Heard Before
The Mini-Canal works the way an outdoor sportsman needs them to work. I have used other types of electronic hearing protection / enhancement in the form of both muffs and BTE's and these are by far the easiest and most comfortable. They stay in the ear without needing to mess with them every two minutes. They are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time without pulling them out. They are out of the way for someone, like myself, who wears both hat and sunglasses. They also protect against damaging noise while hunting or shooting, and most of all, they sound great. I don't feel like I am missing true sounds or just wearing something to protect my hearing with more volume. I feel that I want to wear them for protection without the loss of true sound and the option of being able to compensate for damage already done (and maybe a little boost now and then). I have used the units in the office, at home and in the field, and have found that they performed well in all areas. I could hear the radio and TV just as if I was wearing nothing at all. In the field I could hear geese passing over head and the sound of the dog bell running through the field. I was very impressed that with the units adjusted properly, I could pinpoint the positon of the dog without the problem of, for lack of better words, directional distortion. I think they are a "Winner". Sincerely, Matt Wettish

- Matt Wettish

I Seldom Hear the Ringing
"It is great to report back that I have had success with the product " RingStop." I still have 1x60 capsules and taking one a day. There is a great improvement, in fact, I seldom hear the ringing. I am still interested in your ear protectors for shooting. I will revert on this. "

- Rob

I Seldom Hear the Ringing
"My father has macular degeneration & glaucoma severe enough not to have passed his driver's test. I have had Dad on "eye" formulas & additional nutrients for about three years now, and I'm sure they helped slow the deterioration somewhat but recently I was surprised when he actually commented positively on his condition. To make a long story short, he sailed through his practical after one month of taking two capsules of OptiAll per day. After talking to Dad three weeks later, he enthusiastically reported that he can now see the hymn numbers in church now which he he hasn't been able to see for years. There have been no other variables other than the OptiAll to account for these results. My 85 year young father remains independent and no longer complains about taking those pills)."

- Sharon Armstrong, Sharon's Nutritional Consulting



Note to consumers: Individual results will vary.

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