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As we know from doing trade shows over the past 40 years many people ask for hearing protection that can be used to help with sleeping. Sometimes this was due to a spouse who snored or because of wind noise or loud machinery or nearby music. The causes were endless and we were told over and over again......"I will do anything to get a good night's sleep!" Two E.A.R. products that have always taken a front and center position for accommodating clients with sleep disorders have been our E.A.R. Sleep Plugz which is a lab mold followed by our Insta-Putty that can be used for both noise and water. Now...as a result of listening to our clients....we have added HEARDEFENDERS and EARPLUGZ-PC because we were told these also work well. Of particular note were HearDefenders which are filtered ear plugs with a variable attenuator. (As the noise level goes up so does the sound suppression.) Many clients told us they they wanted to hear a bit better in case there was need to hear an emergency alarm,baby crying or some other critical sounds should they happen. HearDefenders which won product of the year award from Occupational Safety and Health permit this and are comfortable to wear.

Insomnia is a BIG ISSUE for people on a personal level but also on an economic level. 33% of U.S. employees or health plan members have at least one symptom of insomnia almost every night. This includes, industrial workers, military, firefighters, athletes, etc. Lack of sleep is is a critical issue and for those of you who need a better night's rest consider the following products. We have a fantastic history where we have been able to assist.

Sleep Plugz

When it comes to suppressing loud sounds such as snoring, wind noise, traffic noise, etc. you can depend on E.A.R.'s Sleep Plugz. This product is made from high grade, durable silicone and is made to be recessed in the ear canal without falling out. They are extremely comfortable and easy to keep clean with mild soap and water. Sleep Plugz can also be used for swimming or bathing and come in numerous color choices such as RED, BLUE, CLEAR, PINK, ORANGE, PURPLE, YELLOW or BLACK. Color can also be swirled. For those people who want to modify the sound suppression, E.A.R. can also install acoustic filters. Each set of Sleep Plugz will be marked LEFT and RIGHT and comes with a small carrying case.

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Insta-Putty Silicone Earplugs For Sleeping

Insta-Putty is made of high-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Insta-Putty helps prevent water from entering the ear while swimming, showering and bathing. It also reduces loud and annoying noises when used as directed.
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HearDefenders-DF Dual Filtered Earplugs

For people that need to hear a little bit consider the following product:

Until now you were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual filtered hearing protector that was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications!
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EarPlugz-PC - No Filters

With EarPlugz-PC, E.A.R., Inc. has created a cost effective modular ear protection system that provides maximum flexibility for end users to design the product to meet their requirements - for example 3 different sizes with or without removable cords, and/or with or without metal inserts.
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