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Tactical Throat-Mic $0.00

This Intrinsically Safe Approved tactical throat-mic system makes the use of handheld radios easy in both normal and highly extreme work conditions. It's revolutionary mic element allows users to talk normally or whisper and still be heard. This means moving from both a low level noise environment to a high level noise environment will be no problem for the end user communicating with teammates or outside advisors. The ability to also wear this with any type of facemask, encapsulated suits or respirators is also a bonus when trying to cover several job requirements within one department.

There is a choice of listening devices available to meet all user requirements. These range from lightweight headsets to high-noise headphones. We also have the ability to tie this system into our line of SHS Tactical Electronic Earplugs for those who need to maintain constant awareness while out in the field.

Built with durability in mind, this unit is constructed to be waterproof and dust tight. It also features a 360 degree rotational belt clip that allows the PTT button to be placed for easy access and eliminating the need to hold the radio. Under the large ptt is a built-in remote PTT port which provides even greater versatility for users such as snipers, hazmat crews, etc., that need their hands free to be active in the field.

Features and Benefits:

  • Remote PTT accessories available
  • Multiple versatile hearing options
  • Revolutionary throat mic design for discreet/whisper communications
  • Large easy to find PTT switch
  • Intrinsically Safe Approved for explosive environments
  • Use with any make or model of facemask, respirator, breathing apparatus
  • Ergonomic design requiring NO BATTERIES
  • Connects to most radios
  • Waterproof - Dust Tight construction that works in all types of weather conditions
  • Applications:

  • Hospitals - Decontamination - Fire Departments
  • CBRN/NBC/WMD - Law Enforcement - Emergency Wards
  • EMS - Clean Rooms - HazMat - Homeland Security
  • Military - Off-Shore - Paramedic Staff - Pharmaceutical
  • Rescue - SWAT
  • Complete units require the Standard PTT Assembly, Standard Hearing Option and Radio Interface Cable. Pricing can be viewed below. Volume orders are welcomed to extended discounts. Please contact us for further information at info@earinc.com.

    Select PTT Option:
    Standard PTT Assembly A - $366.00/pc
    * used with Universal Speaker, Standard Earpiece Speaker, Over the Ear Speaker, Earcup Speaker and Double Earcup Speaker models
    Standard PTT Assembly B - $410.00/pc
    * used with High Noise Headsets, Double Over the Ear Speaker
    Standard PTT Assembly C - $383.00/pc
    * completed assembly with lightweight behind-the-head headset and quiet boom mic.

    Select Hearing Option(s):
    Universal Speaker - $76.50/pc
    Ear Piece Speaker - $76.50/pc
    High Noise Headphone - $129.00/pc
    Over the Ear Speaker - $76.50/pc
    Double Speaker - $129.00/pc
    Ear Cup Speaker - $53.00/pc
    Double Ear Cup Speaker - $115.00/pc

    Select Accessory Option(s):
    Heavy Duty Velcro PTT w/3.5mm plug - $66.00/pc
    Ring Finger PTT w/3.5mm plug - $70.50/pc
    Large PTT Switch Guard - $14.50/pc

    Select Radio Cable Interface Option(s):
    Assembly AL:
    DJ-191 T/E, DJ-180, 480, DJ-S11, S41, S46(T) - $65.00/pc

    Assembly AV:
    FR130, FRS1400-2 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly BK:
    LPH, LPU, LPX, EPU, EPH, MPH, EPV, EPI - $139.00/pc

    E.F. Johnson
    Assembly EFA:
    8500, 8560, 8565, 8570, 8585, 8588, 8590 - $178.00/pc
    Assembly EFB: Viking-CL - $65.00/pc
    Assembly EFC: LX-2442, LX-2443, FM-5852, ZX-2452, ZX-2453, ZX-2442 - $98.00/pc
    Assembly EFD: Avenger SE-815x, 816x, SK-895x, 816x - $345.00/pc
    Assembly EFF: 5100 Series - $160.00/pc

    GE Ericsson
    Assembly GEA:
    MPI, PLS - $65.00/pc

    Assembly IA:
    IC-H/C 2, 6, 10, 12, 16, IC-02A, 02AT, 02E - $65.00/pc
    Assembly IB: IC-H/U 18, 19 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly IC: IC-2iA, 4iA, 2GA, 4GA, 12GA, u2AT, u4AT, F3GT(GS), F4GT(GS), IC-F21, IC-F11, IC-F12 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly ID: IC-F30, F40, F30LT, F40LT, F35/45 - $145.00/pc
    Assembly IE: IC-A3E, IC-A22 - $76.00/pc
    Assembly IF: IC-A23 - $87.00/pc
    Assembly IG: IC-F3, F3S, F4, F4S, F10, F20 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly IH: IC-4008A, IC-446S, IC-F4SR446, ICF2 (BR, GM), IC-F4TR, IC-MBASM - $65.00/pc
    Assembly II: IC-M1V Marine Radio (waterproof) - $174.00/pc
    Assembly IJ: F-20GT, GS, F-31GT, GS - $173.00/pc
    Assembly IK: IC-F50, F60, M87, M88 - $173.00/pc

    Assembly KA:
    TK-208, 220, 240, 248, 250, 260, 260G, 270, 270G, 308, 320, 340, 348, 350, 353, 360, 360G, 361, 370, 370G, 430, 431, 2100, 3100, TH-21, 22E, 25A, 41, 45, 75, 91A, ATE, UBZ-LF14, TK-2200/3200, 2160/3160 - $92.00/pc
    Assembly KB: TK-230, 330 - $87.00/pc
    Assembly KC: TK-200, 210, 310 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly KD: TK-280, 290, 380, 390, 480, 481, 2140/3140, 2180/3180 - $134.00/pc

    Assembly KYA:
    KG-109, KG-209 - $149.00/pc

    Assembly MCA:
    PCS - $134.00/pc
    Assembly MCB: Monogram - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MCC: MPA, MPD, MTL, TPX - $150.00/pc
    Assembly MCD: MRK, PK32GT - $171.00/pc
    Assembly MCE: Prism - $171.00/pc
    Assembly MCF: KPC-300, 400, Panther-500P - $156.00/pc
    Assembly MCG: Jaguar 700P, P7100 - $193.00/pc
    Assembly MCH: Panther 400P, 600P, 625P, Cougar 400P, 600P, 625P - $167.00/pc
    Assembly MCI: Panther 300P - $183.00/pc
    Assembly MCJ: LPE - $171.00/pc

    Assembly MXA:
    CA-1420 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MXB: SP-2000 Series, SP-2550, SP-2850, SL-70W, SPX, EP-4800, TP-4801, SL-600U2 - EUROPEAN - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MXC: PC-50 - $87.00/pc
    Assembly MXD: SP-120, 130, 140 - $87.00/pc
    Assembly MXE: SL-25, 55 (IS Radio EUROPEAN) - $87.00/pc
    Assembly MXF: CP-0500, SP-5000 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MXG: SP-200, SP-210 - $89.00/pc
    Assembly MXH: SP-330, SP-300 Series - $222.00/pc

    Assembly MDA:
    70-115, 70-150 - $94.00/pc
    Assembly MDB: 70-043, 143, 143B, 243 - $105.00/pc
    Assembly MDC: 70-155, 255 - $94.00/pc
    Assembly MDD: 70-165, 166, 265, 266 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MDE: 70-153 - $109.00/pc
    Assembly MDF: 70-145, 154, 245, 254 - $105.00/pc
    Assembly MDG: 70-195, 295 - $123.00/pc
    Assembly MDH: 70-148B, 248B - $105.00/pc
    Assembly MDI: 73-005A, 007, 030, 75-440, 515, 517, 785, 820, 822, 78-211, G15, F-20, P-20, 75-501, 505, 510, 784, 786 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MDJ: 70-160B, 170, 270B - $143.00/pc

    Assembly MA:
    EXPO, P10, P50, HT10, Spirit-111 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MB: HT-50, Radius P-100, HT-90, HT-400 - Non IS only - $195.00/pc
    Assembly MC: HT-600, HT-800, MT-1000, MT-300, P-200, MTX-800, 810, 820, 900, 900S - $160.00/pc
    Assembly MD: MT-500 (straight cord) Non IS only - $Call
    Assembly ME: MX-300 Series (straight cord) - $Call
    Assembly MF: MX-800, 840, STX - $Call
    Assembly MG: GP-300, P-1225, SP-10, 21, 50, P-110, MP-100, GTX, X02103, LTS-200, HANDIE PRO, LTS-2000, PRO-1150, 3150, AP73, GP-63, GP-68, GP-88, PR400 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly MH: CT205/LS, CT405/LS, CT250, CT250LS, CT450, CT450LS, CP150, CP200, CLS1410, XU2600 - $76.00/pc
    Assembly MI: ASTRO, SABER, MX-1000 - $245.00/pc
    Assembly MJ: Spirit Pro, Spirit M - $156.00/pc
    Assembly MK: SABRE Quick Disconnect (Non IS Approval, use with Adapter NTN5664D) - $78.00/pc
    Assembly ML: DPS, Distance, 250 - $76.00/pc
    Assembly MM: GP-350, HT-6000 - $109.00/pc
    Assembly MN: VISAR - $217.00/pc
    Assembly MO: VISAR - 3.5mm plug - $106.00/pc
    Assembly MP: GP-900, 1200, 3600, HT-1000, 1100, JT-1000, MT-2000, 2100, MTS-2000, MTX-838, 2000, 8000, 9000, PTX-1200, 3600 Transcript Stealth, XTS-3000, MT-6000E, XTS-2000, XTS-2500, XTS-3500, XTS-5000 - $123.00/pc
    Assembly MQ: TalkAbout 270, 280SLK, 289SLK, FR-50, 60, Spirit GTX - $145.00/pc
    Assembly MR: GP-318, 320, 328, 340, 338, 360, 380, 640, 680, 1280, HT-750, 1250, 1550, PRO-5150, 7150, 9150, MTX-850, 8250, 950, 9250 - $143.00/pc
    Assembly MS: EX-500, EX-600, GP-328 Plus - $87.00/pc
    Assembly MT: i50SX, i55SR, i80S, i85S, i90C, i550+, i280, r370, r370XL, i390, i470, i500, i550, i550+, i600, i700+, i1000, i1000+, i2000, i2000+ - $34.00/pc
    Assembly MU: Cell/Radio iDen r300, r370, r470 - $220.00/pc
    Assembly MV: L1000, L3000, L3000E - $134.00/pc

    Assembly NA:
    TRX-1012 - $145.00/pc

    Assembly PA:
    PR-460 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly RA:
    MPS, MPV-08, MPU-08, MPV-32, MPU-32 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly RJA:
    JBX-151, JMX-100/400 Series, RTX-150/450, Patriot - $65.00/pc
    Assembly RJB: JBC-15M, JBC-200, VOX-100 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly SIMA:
    SRP-8000, SRP-8020 (Non IS only) - $87.00/pc
    Assembly SIMB: PRX-85, PF-85 - $287.00/pc
    Assembly SIMC: PRP-70, 73, 74, 75, 76 - $361.00/pc

    Assembly SA:
    HX-340, 341, 440 - $87.00/pc
    Assembly SB: HX-350, 625A, 350AS - $87.00/pc
    Assembly SC: HX-381, 482, 580T, 581T, 582T, 585T, 587T - $109.00/pc
    Assembly SD: HX-230, 238, 240, 241, 242, 245, 225S, 260, 290 - $76.00/pc
    Assembly SE: HX-300, 734L, 834L - $76.00/pc
    Assembly SF: HX-320 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly SG: HX-390 - $109.00/pc
    Assembly SH: HX-460A, VX-7R - $65.00/pc

    Assembly TA:
    ORCA, ELAN, EXCEL, ECLIPSE - $134.00/pc
    Assembly TB: T3000 Series - $134.00/pc

    Assembly TEKA:
    T20, 40, 50, 60 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly THA:
    PRC-148, 152, 177F - $78.00/pc

    Assembly UA:
    SPU, SPH Series - $65.00/pc
    Assembly UB: APX, CPH, CPU, FPU (older radios) - $65.00/pc
    Assembly UC: SPS-310T, 320T, SPU-454, SPH-155, SP-53105/3205S - $65.00/pc
    Assembly UD: FRS-1400-2, 500, 300-2, 55W, 110, 250, 310, 315 - $65.00/pc

    Assembly VA:
    FT-416, 426, 816, 11R, 41R, 51R, 73, 76 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly VB: VX-10, 110, 120, 146, 150, 160, 180, 200, 210, 246, 300, 400, 5R, VXA-210VXF Series, FT-10, 40, 50, 50R, 1R - $87.00/pc
    Assembly VC: FTH-2070 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly VD: FTH-2005, 2008, 2009, 7005, 7008, 7009 - $65.00/pc
    Assembly VE: VX-500, 510, 520D - $76.00/pc
    Assembly VF: VX-600, 800V, 900 - $76.00/pc

    Available Options:
    Hearing Options:
    Accessory Options:
    Radio Cable/PTT:

    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 March, 2007.


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