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Smart Ear Muff Systems

  Smart Earplug Systems

The world's first communication enabled electronic earplug effective in high noise environments makes the SP, SP1 and SP1x earplug system from Sensear a winning choice for people requiring an unobtrusive design, combined with unparalleled communication functionality. The cost-effective SP Series Systems have all the features of premium hearing protectors, with the added benefit of making communication compact and easy in high noise environments.

Featuring simple, discreet styling, Sensear's SP, SP1 and SP1x earplugs provide easy to use, maximum comfort hearing protection that allows clear communication beyond 85dB(A) via face-to-face, two-way and cell phone (SP1x only). The easy to operate control unit can be worn discreetly around the neck, or in a pocket resembling an MP3 player. It can be used by workers in traditional settings as well as new markets including the domestic, entertainment, hospitality and security industries.

Bluetooth™ technology combined with advanced SENS™ technology in the SP1x earplugs offers optimized hearing and speech clarity when used with cell phones. Offering all the features of the SP1x (without Bluetooth®), the SP1 is a premium product at a competitive price for those who still want to take advantage of face-to-face and two-way communication with earplug simplicity and optimum hearing


Face-to-Face Communications
  • Allows communication in environments above 85 dB (A)
  • Protects against all forms of noise - Impact, Intermittent, Continuous
  • Safely hear your surroundings whilst also hearing speech
  • Binaural Capability - Hear the direction of Speech and other sounds
  • Speaker limited to 82 dB (A) in ear
  • Face to Face communication up to 95dB
  • MP3 Interface
  • Replaceable Ear tips
  • High Visibility Color
  • 12+ hours continuous talk time
  • Industrial ruggedized
  • 12 month Warranty
SP Brochure/Literature

SP1 - Two-Way Radio

Face-to-Face, Two-way Radio Communications

SP features plus
  • Two-Way Radio Interface
  • Custom interface to other communication systems
  • Noise cancelling boom mic
  • Two-way radio communication to 105dB
SP1 Brochure/Literature

SP1x - Bluetooth

Face-to-Face, Two-way Radio, Bluetooth™ Cell Phone Communications

SP and SP1 features plus
  • Wireless Bluetooth® connection to cellular phones and other Bluetooth™ devices
  • Noise cancelling boom mic
  • Bluetooth® communication to 105dB
SP1x Brochure/Literature

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