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Time for a paradigm shift in hearing protection

The uniqueness of Sensear’s innovation stems from its ability to distinguish speech from noise. Sensear examined the shortcomings of existing technologies relying mostly on gain control techniques and decided an entirely new approach was required. Sensear has actively engaged Industry to develop a hearing protection and communication system that actually works.

Importantly, Sensear has developed revolutionary, ruggedised products designed in the field, for the field.

Traditional approaches such as automatic gain control (level dependent) only succeed in amplifying or suppressing all noise and do not have the ability to distinguish speech from noise. The gain control approach decreases in effectiveness in high noise environments, resulting in the production of low quality and sometimes inaudible speech signal. Furthermore, in some specialised applications, Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is utilised to electronically increase the level of sound suppression of a hearing protector. However ANR has no speech distinguishing capabilities. it simply provides a hearing protector with increased attention through electronic suppression.

Sensear’s revolutionary solution combines an array of tiny microphones seamlessly connected to a small processor discreetly fitted within the products. The processor acts to distinguish speech from background noise via Sensear’s cutting edge SENS®technology, selectively enhancing speech and simultaneously suppressing noise. The result is high quality natural speech played directly into the Sensear earmuffs or earplugs or optionally connected via Bluetooth® to mobile phone and two-way radio.

Sensear’s SENS®technology is the only offering on the market that provides consistent high quality audible speech for environments up to and above 85 dB(A) while providing hearing defence for the three classes of industrial noise- impact, intermittent and continuous.

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