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A new frontier for clear communication in high noise

Sensear’s research efforts have been applauded by industry, as the combination of academic excellence, persistence and field research delivers technology and products that will revolutionise communication and hearing protection. Sensear’s products have been designed “in the field for the field”. More than five years of research and development including extensive client trials with Global 500 companies has resulted in the commercialisation of Sensear’s SENS®technology, the first and only technology effective in enabling speech communication to be consistently heard above 85 dB(A) whilst providing hearing protection.

Sensear’s technology and products have all been developed using a strong methodology of research, consultation, development, laboratory testing and field trials. This approach has enabled delivery of highly functional products that meet the needs of industry and deliver innovative features and value. It has also yielded a world-first electronic ear plug, the SP1(x), and a price/performance curve that is superior to all competing products.

Speech EnhancementSpeech Enhancement

Sensear’s revolutionary speech enhancement technology isolates and enhances speech in real-time, enabling users to hear speech clearly and safely in environments that until now has been impossible. Sensear’s speech enhancement technology is effective for mobile phone calls and two-way radio communication as it enhances the wearer’s speech and lowers background noise for the call receiver.

Noise Suppression

Sensear’s SENS®technology recognises the different properties of speech and background noise thereby allowing noise to be suppressed without distorting or blocking speech. The technology reduces background noise to comfortable levels while retaining the original sound characteristics of noise. This allows users to retain awareness of their surroundings for optimum safety.


Sensear’s x models incorporate Bluetooth® technology, enabling pairing and subsequent connection with mobile phones so that users can take and make mobile phone calls without removing hearing protection. SENS®technology + Bluetooth® means lower background noise for the call receiver, enabling natural and comfortable communication with the wearer.

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