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Now you can have hearing protection and clear communication at once

SENS TECHNOLOGYSensear’s latest technology sets a new benchmark in hearing protection and assisted listening. For the very first time Sensear has made clear communication possible in high noise environments (above 85d(B)A) where hearing protection is essential. Sensear has perfected the combination of speech enhancement technology and noise suppression technology integrated with a complex series of patented algorithms, producing a cutting edge innovation called SENS®technology. Sensear has integrated its revolutionary SENS®technology into a range of products that will radically change the way people communicate and protect their hearing in high noise environments.

Sensear’s SENS®technology is the only technology that can effectively distinguish speech from background noise. Sensear’s revolutionary solution combines an array of tiny microphones seamlessly connected to a small processor discreetly fitted within the products. The processor acts to distinguish speech from background noise via its cutting edge SENS®technology, selectively enhancing speech and simultaneously suppressing noise.

Post-filtering techniques are then used to further improve noise suppression and enhance speech. This is done in real time and at very low levels of power consumption. The background noise characteristics are retained, including binaural capability (the natural ability to decipher direction of any sound) while at the same time lowering noise to safe levels to ensure that the wearer remains aware of their surroundings.

The result is high quality natural speech played directly into the Sensear earmuffs or earplugs or optionally connected via Bluetooth® to mobile phone or two-way radio.

Sensear’s SENS®technology has the following advantages over traditional technologies:

  • Is the only technology effective in providing speech enhancement and hearing defence across all 3 noise classes - Impact, Continuous and Intermittent. SENS®technology is the most advanced on the market.
  • Remains consistently effective in high noise environments - above 85dB(A) where current technologies struggle to perform.
  • It provides noise suppression while giving speech priority, ensuring that speech can still be heard while all other noise is suppressed. This unique capability includes impact noise.
  • Binaural capability allows the direction of all sounds, including speech and alarms to be safely heard.
  • Removes the need for annoying boom microphones.
  • Is the only technology to provide intelligible speech in the harshest background environments. These include noises associated with speech frequencies such as turbine noise.
  • Sensear has produced the world’s first electronic ear plug model.

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