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"My Mother is 82 years old and could not hear anyone talking to her. We wanted her to get a hearing aid, but she said no. She used ginseng without much results, but after only one bottle of Hearall, she told us not to yell at her anymore...she could hear fine. Your product is amazing!"

- Aurora Hernandez, Maywood, CA


"I started taking HearAll about 5 weeks ago. I've noticed that both my hearing loss and the ringing in my ears is better. Even though my problem is very chronic, a 30% improvement in this short a period of time is truly remarkable! I'm happy!"

- Linda Kirkman, Phoenix, AZ


"I'm taking my hearing aid out more often and seem to be getting along better since taking HearAll."

- Jean Stewart, Scottsdale, AZ


"I've used your HearAll for only two months and it's miraculous! I've been able to take out my high-tech, expensive hearing aids ($5,000 each), and can even hear my fingers rubbing together for the first time. Thank you very much."

- John Augustus, age 59, Provo, UT


"I started to take HearAll because my greatest fear is that my hearing will get worse. For years, my family has been complaining that my hearing is getting worse. They even joke that I cannot hear the "blinker" or the turn signal in my car. About three weeks after taking HearAll, I noticed that I could hear the blinker in my car."

- G. Merrill Andrus, age 75, Orem, UT


"I usually increased the volume on the TV to the point where my wife and children began to complain about the loudness. After six or seven weeks of taking HearAll, I have been able to turn the volume down to a much lower level, and I've noticed that I can understand what people are saying more clearly-even in a crowded room."

- Jack Taylor, age 45, Highland, UT


"I have an elderly customer that I had to yell into the telephone in order for her to hear, and people had to use sign language to communicate with her. After using HearAll for only one month, she can now hear well enough to talk normally on the phone and people don't have to use sign language anymore. It's a miracle!"

- Dean Walter, owner, Mother Nature Natural Foods, St. Petersburg, FL


"I've noticed a big difference on my hearing quality when I speak on the phone."

- Mary Hilsmann, hotmail.com


"I heard about HearAll on the radio. I took the gamble and purchased the product. Guess what, it works for me. Believe it. The healing is taking place..."

- Lyla Schultz, Vancouver, British Columbia


"I have been using HearAll for the last few months...I could not hear the small alarm clock tick. Now when standing next to it, I can hear it tick for the first time."

- Louis A. Strong, Strong1929@aol.com

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