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Specialty Earmolds
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Specialty Earmolds

Specialty Earmolds
Developed for radio communications, aviation communications, musicians, sleeping, stethoscopes and telephone headsets. Our specialty line enables you to camouflage your communications while maintaining contact with your environment. Whether you're in the woods, instructing a student or simply at work, you will be able to receive commands clearly and discreetly.

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Generic Tips and Tubing

Generic Tips/Tubing
Generic earmold tips and audio tube accessories are available from E.A.R., Inc., and can be used in many applications dealing with radio communication earpieces and devices.

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Musicians Filters

Music Monitors
Having a diverse product line gives us the ability to handle several types of requirements sought by music professionals, audio engineers, and many other markets like motorcycling, trap and pistol shooting and general meditation.

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Headset Systems

Headset Systems / EarMics
Requirements in quality headset systems have been essential in industries such as emergency dispatch centers, tactical/special operation teams, aviation pilots and ground support crews and factory personal. With additional benefits of customizing a headset to add comfort and/or suppression value, we can enhance the sound qualities and enjoyment of the unit to the individual user.

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Cell Phone

Cell Phone Systems
With today's advancements being made in cellular technology, the importance of "hands-free" communications is being ever more emphasized. In fact, ear-bud systems are now being required for safety reasons in several states while driving vehicles or operating equipment.

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Water Protection

Water Protection
For many swimmers and divers, ear problems affect their ability to enjoy their sport more than any other health issue. More dives are aborted and more diving holidays are shortened due to ear problems than any other cause.

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Hearing Maintenance

Hearing Maintenance
Maintaining optimal hearing healthcare is so important. We recommend the following products to clean your hearing devices or to remove excess wax from your ears.

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