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The ER-20s are DIFFERENT than conventional earplugs. They actually reduce the dangerous sound level evenly (using a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor) to preserve the balance. You still hear the blend clearly, "feel" the bass, and are able to distinguish each tone.

Here is a list of several people who benefit from the ER-20 earplugs...

  • Aircraft - crews, passengers, pilots
  • Athletics - athletes, coaches, spectators
  • Construction - carpenters, equipment operators, steel workers
  • Emergency Vehicles - EMT's, highway patrol, firefighters
  • Industrial - factory workers, students, supervisors
  • Leisure - concerts, night clubs, noisy restaurants, sporting events
  • Medical - Dental - dentists, hygienists, technicians, surgeons
  • Drivers of - heavy equipment, motorcycles, race cars, pit crews
  • Musicians - vocalists, musicians, directors

ER-20 Hi-Fi Earplugs
The ER-20 Hi-Fi earplugs have a triple flange construction and provide an inexpensive, high-fidelity earplug that can be used in a variety of noisy environments.

  • Low cost
  • 20B attenuation
  • Clarity of sound and pitch
  • Good frequency response accuracy
  • Speech is understood more easily in high level noise
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Cost: $15.00/pair - Buy Online

ER-20 Ultra-Tech Earplugs
The ER-20 Ultra-Tech earplugs have the same acoustic properties and the same construction as the ER-20 Hi-Fi earplugs. The only difference is a retaining cord for convenience.

  • Low cost
  • 20dB attenuation
  • Music is heard clearly
  • Good frequency response accuracy
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Supplied with matching cord and small storage case (except beige/black cord and clear/black cord)
  • Cost: $15.00/pair - Buy Online
Er-20 Ultra-Tech

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