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E.A.R., Inc. markets several basic and advanced tactical headset systems ideal for industrial, security, retail, law enforcement and military use. Each is designed to make the communications easier to hear as well as remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Please review the following selections.

Explorer Lightweight Headsets

The Explorer headset is a single, flexible ear hanger that molds to the users ear for a more comfortable fit. It can be worn on either the left or right ear and can be adjusted by gently bending the rubber earloop. A quick-disconnect acoustic tube allows the user multiple ear insert options and the ability to easily change out acoustic tubes. The small lightweight boom provides transmit audio without being obtrusive. The microphone position is adjusted by simply rotating the boom left or right is activated by the radio's push to-talk button (PTT) or an optional in-line PTT.This is the ideal headset for hospitality, retail, recreation, entertainment and any other applications which require a lightweight flexible headset. It's also ideal for users with multiple shift changes.

  • Flexible contoured earloop which can be easily adjusted
  • Quick disconnect acoustic tube
  • Right or left ear compatibility
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Multiple ear inserts available

Compatible radios include E.F. Johnson, ICOM, Kenwood, Maxon, Motorola, M/A Com, Relm, Tait, Yaesu/Vertex.

Retail Costs - $60.00-$130.00 (depending on radio being used)
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Explore Lightweight Headset

Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Headset

This lightweight Bluetooth® headset is designed to enable your two-way radio to act much like a Bluetooth® headset does with your cell-phone. It is small in concept but big in performance.

Features include:

  • Wireless finger ptt
  • Easy to pair individual components
  • Single charging AC adapter
  • Used with Motorola, Relm, Kenwood and BlackBox radios
Excellent for the following applications:
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Bicycling
  • Road Bike Racing
  • Hotel and Restaurant Hostess
  • Golf Course Management
  • Police Bike Patrol
  • Ski Patrol
  • General Recreational Use
  • Compatible radios include BlackBox, Kenwood, Motorola and Relm.

    Retail Costs - $159.95
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Bluetooth Two-Way Radio Headset

Lightweight SHS Headsets

Designed to handle any situation, these Tactical SHS (specialized hearing systems) units combine the best in hearing enhancement technology and radio communications into a single "standard" behind-the-ear system. These are excellent systems for quick connections to a 2/3-Wire surveillance unit and is the ideal system for SWAT tactical teams looking for comfort and convenience in one simple design.

Within each Tac SHS SWAT earpiece, the specialized circuitry brings louder sounds to a safe level while dramatically enhancing softer sounds. This creates a constant balance between amplification and safety while maintaining vital radio contact at all times. During tense raids and forced entry events with flash bangs and/or tear gas, these units are considered the ultimate in earpiece design and performance.

Lightweight SHS HeadsetsCurrent models are available in black or tan shell casings, and have the ability to adjust the frequency calibration via small potentiometers.

Orders placed online will consist of 1 Tac SHS unit, 3 foam comply tips, audio tube, extra batteries and a black carrying/storage case. For nearest provider for custom mold/radio connection (additional $55.00/ear), please call or contact us.

Tac SHS I (no Telecoil) - $250.00/each
Tac SHS II (w/Manual Telecoil) - $300.00/each
Tac SHS III (w/Active Telecoil, 3 ATC Controls) - $425.00/each
Tac SHS IV (w/Speech Enhancement, 3 ATC Controls, Active Telecoil) - $500.00/each
Tac V (w/Directional Microphones, Speech Enhancement, Active Telecoil) - $575.00/each
Tac SHS (Waterproof Hunter) - $350.00/each
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Sidewinder Bone Conduction Headset

This durable, tactical headset, with the speaker location in front of the ear giving the user the ability to hear through the facial bones (rather than the ear canal) with bone conduction technology.

This kit provides best situational awareness and allows operators the choice of when and when not to wear hearing protection (while maintaining radio communication). These can also be enhanced hearing protectors such as our line of electronic earplugs.


  • Bone Conduction Speaker in Front of Ear
  • Optimum Auditory Situational Awareness
  • No Interference with Eyewear or Helmets
  • Lightweight tactical headset w/bone conduction speaker
  • Also contains EVP Eyewear, Combat Arms Earplug
  • Unobstructed auditory situational awareness
  • Sidewinder headset comes w/in-line push-to-talk
  • Features a MOLLE compatable back clip and PTT shroud
  • Costs: $799.99
  • (includes ptt/radio cable for the Motorola XTS/HT1000/Jedi Series radio system, a pair of Combat Arms earplugs, a set of E.V.P. ballistic rated safety glasses and the bone conduction headset.)
NOTE: (MBITR 6-pin connection also available. Please email us for details at info@earinc.com)
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Headband Tactical Boom-Mic Headset

This headband lightweight tactical headset is designed to fit snuggly

This headband lightweight tactical headset is designed to fit snuggly under a hardhat or helmet. The speaker and flexible boom mic are one unit which slips into Velcro® pocket, secured with a Velcro® strap which allows user to adjust position of speaker over their ear for optimal hearing clarity.

The washable mesh headband allows air circulation for comfort and elastic band ensures a secure fit without multiple adjustments. This is a fairly rugged headset system for teams looking for easy to use communications.

Features include:

  • Designed to fit under a helmet or cap
  • Combination speaker and boom mic slide into velcro pocket
  • Flexible boom microphone for easy adjustment
  • Mesh over-the-head strap and elastic headband ensure a secure fit
  • Available with body push-to-talk (PTT)
Cost: $308.00/ea Buy Online

Peltor 2-Way Headset

This headset features a comfortable, lightweight but yet robust neckband design integrated with noise reducing communication earplugs. The flexible goose neck design has a noise canceling microphone which reduces background noise resulting in clear communication even in the most extreme noise environments.

Compatible radios include Kenwood and Motorola, as well as Nextel cell-phones.

Retail Headset Costs - $210.00-$360.00/ea

Peltor 2-Way Headset

Tactical/Bicycle Stinger 750
In response to the military’s recent movement towards less restrictive headsets, a new 1.5oz lightweight Stinger headset has been developed.

This unit incorporates 20th century technology in the same rugged waterproof speaker and microphone setup as its original design, but is attached to a lighter headband for greater freedom of movement. The addition of a 2.5mm jack overmolded to the speaker housing allows the user to plug in a custom-fit or generic suppression hearplug/comm-plugs. To read more about this option Click here.

Tactical/Bicycle Stinger

PRC radio compatibility is available for military applications. Please call for pricing.

Compatible radios include Com-Net Ericsson, ICOM, Kenwood, Bendix King, Maxon, Motorola, Relm, Yaesu Vertex. To see interface cable price list, click here.

Retail Headset Costs: $275.00 - $325.00/ea
Retail PTT/Radio Cable Costs: $150.00 - $345.00/ea

Call to order

Serenity DPC

The Serenity DPC hearing protection system combines level-dependent attenuation with integrated radio communication. This makes it suitable for challenging environments in which loud noises fluctuate but crystal clear communication are always required.

Examples of such environments include special intervention and rescue situations, shooting arenas, airports, mines, heavy industrial plants and more.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible connection to various radios
  • Automatic attenuation of all dangerous sounds (including rapid 'impulse' noises such as shots)
  • Optimum hearing protection and perfect understanding during communications
  • Natural hearing in quiet environments with adjustable ambient volume
  • Transmission of speech but not surrounding noise
  • Localization of warning signals

The Serenity DPC system is also used with custom-fit earpieces. This helps with comfort value and keeps the unit in a "low profile" for wearing protective clothing or headgear.

Costs: All inquires please contact us at info@earinc.com

Peltor® Swat-Tac Electronic Earmuffs

The Swat-Tac/Com-Tac electronic earmuff are excellent solutions for law enforcement or military teams looking for outside enhancements with communication abilities under ballistic helmets, or worn separately. Ideal for teams looking for use in training and reality applications as well as multiple purposes and longevity in use with departments with a short budget or income for tactical equipment.

The Swat-Tac I is designed with a single sided battery compartment. The Swat-Tac II is a slim-design muff with battery compartments on both earcups.

Additional Features:

  • Laboratory tested NRR 20dB.
  • Durable, lightweight and durable construction, enhanced amplification for use in tough environments.
  • Can be utilized with virtually any two-way radio communication system.
  • Multi-versatile offering several attachable options such as throat-mic assemblies and waterproof PTT switches.
  • Touch-pad volume controls, low-profile earcups, and two omni-directional amplifying microphones.
  • We have the ability to adapt this ear muff to the Tactical Throat-Mic.
  • Approximate battery life: 250 hours (2 AA required)
  • Weight: 315g

Compatible radios include Com-Net Ericsson, ICOM, Kenwood, Bendix King, Maxon, Motorola, Relm, Yaesu Vertex. To see interface cable price list, click here.

Learn more about the Swat-Tac System.

Swat-Tac I Cost: $235.00 - Buy Online
Swat-Tac II Cost: $230.00 - Buy Online
Retail Radio Cables Cost: $160.00 - $390.00/ea

Boom-mic and additional accessories sold separately

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Swat-Tac Law Enforcement Earmuffs

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