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Tactical Throat Mics
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E.A.R., Inc. markets several basic and advanced tactical throat-mic systems ideal for industrial, security, haz-mat-rescue, law enforcement and military use.

Each is designed to make the communications easier to hear as well as remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

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Lightweight Tactical Throat-Mic

This revolutionary Push-To-Talk throat mic is designed specifically to be used for people wearing facemasks, breathing apparatus and protective suits that also require portable radios for communicating during their day-to-day responsibilities.

The PTT switch is easily located in the exact same position as the microphone, thereby guaranteeing that the mic is in the most optimal range for transmission when the switch is activated. In other words, the microphone will be positioned right up against the throat when the PTT is depressed by the user?s finger. (Access for a remote finger PTT is also available for tactical/military requirements.)

The throat mic itself is New Generation Technology, delivering clear speech even in high noise environments. The hypo-allergenic silicone rubber housing is held comfortably in place with a slip-resistant, expanding neck band, adjustable to anyone's neck size. These components are all of rugged construction, completely waterproof, durable and easily cleaned and disinfected between uses.

There is a choice of listening devices available to meet all user requirements dealing with breathing apparatus and respirators. These range from lightweight headsets, electronic earmuffs and high-noise headphones. We also have the ability to tie this system into our line of SHS Tactical Electronic Earplugs for those who need to maintain constant awareness while out in the field.

Lightweight Throat-Mic: $280.00
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Peltor Throat-Mic System

Peltor Throat-Mic System

This is specifically designed for situations and environments where boom-mic's are ineffective or cannot be used. This product is ideal in applications where respirators are used and 2-way communication is essential such as public safety, first response teams, haz-mat crews and anywhere else a basic communication system is required.

Lightweight in construction and adaptable to any portable radio makes this a basic throat-mic system a good solution for any practical situation. Intrinsically safe unit is approved for Class I (Groups A-D), Class II (Group F-G), Class III (approved radios only).

Compatible radios include E.F. Johnson, ICOM, Kenwood, Maxon, Motorola, M/A Com, Relm, Tait, Yaesu/Vertex.

Retail Costs - $310.00-$500.00 (depending on radio being used and intrinsically safe)
Retail Radio/PTT Cable Costs - $160.00-$390.00

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Intrinsically Safe Tactical Throat-Mic

With the advent or new electronic technology and frequency compensation, the Intrinsically Safe Tactical Throat-Mic brings unsurpassed audio clarity and ruggedness to the throat-mic communication industry. Designed for comfort, this unit is ideal when addressing the growing concerns of chemical and biological situations faced by fire rescue, haz-mat, SWAT and law enforcement teams.

Built with non-biochemical absorbant surfaces, waterproof aspects and dust-tight construction, the IS Throat-Mic has already proven itself to several military and law enforcement special operation teams looking for convenience and quality in throat-mic communications.

Additional Benefits include:
  • Choice of listening devices
  • Volume is controlled by the radio
  • ETL Listed - Intrinsic Safe Approval Class I, II, III, Div. 1, Groups A-G, T4
  • Large PTT is fire resistant and has ability for remote PTT accessories
  • Works with any make or model face mask, respirator, breathing apparatus or protective suit
  • Safe for use in explosive environments
  • Compatible with SWAT-Tac electronic earmuffs

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