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We currently offer high quality Starkey Telecommunication products known worldwide for their clarity and reliability.

Please review our headset selections below before determining which amplifier you will need to accommodate your headset choice.

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EarSetEarSet System
This product is not your ordinary headset.

The EarSet is a custom-molded clear Lucite earpiece crafted from an ear impression of your ear. The earpiece dissipates heat so it stays cool all day long. It is also vented so your ear can breathe and alleviates any plugged-up feeling. The Earborne earpiece snaps on and off easily for cleaning and transferring of headsets from one dispatcher to another.

The lightweight comfort allows pure, distraction-free telephone communication for extended periods of time. It fits so well that many have reported that they actually forget they are wearing it.

(Note: Ear impressions are required for Earborne units. Please call for our nearest provider or local medical professional.)

Custom Mold: $65.00 each (Soft or Lucite)
EarSet with Quick Disconnect: $79.00 each
EarSet with Quick Disconnect and Noise Cancellation: $99.00 each


Over-the-head Systems
If you're not ready for a custom fit EarSet then the Starkey monaural T3 or binaural T4 headsets are the next best thing for serious telecommunication requirements.

The T3 and T4 Flex headsets are super-reliable and have fabulous sound characteristics. They are lightweight, comfortable, and you'll love the flex-boom and noise canceling microphone features.

These are truly professional-grade headsets, and the closest thing to perfection…outside of the custom EarSet

T3 and T4 Flex Headsets

T3 Headset w/Flat Quick Disconnect: $89.00 each
T3 Headset w/Flat Quick Disconnect & Noise Cancellation: $110.00 each
T4 Headset w/Flat Quick Disconnect: $115.00 each
T4 Headset w/Flat Quick Disconnect & Noise Cancellation: $135.00 each

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