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Custom Headsets and Earphone SystemsOne of E.A.R.'s greatest strengths is making custom earmolds and earpieces for a variety of systems and communication devices. So why wouldn't we be one of the best in making custom-fit earpieces for generic headphones?

Custom-fit earpieces add value and comfort to factory standard headphones that simply do not fit your ears well enough for outdoor activities and long-term use. They will also isolate competitive outside ambient noise such as traffic and road noise, subway trains, jet engines and workout machines, and allow you to listen to your audio at a reduced level.

If you would like to pursue completely customized headphones, review our custom-fit Competition Sports Monitors or our iPlugz Sports Monitors. These will bring even further enjoyment to your listening audio device as they are miniature transducers that are completely buried into the mold.

(Custom-fit earpieces are made from our Chameleon Ear, heat-curable silicone, and are durable, comfortable and very flexible. For smaller ear conchas, we will make your earpieces from a durable satin soft material and place an outer cup to the face of the mold for the earphone to fit into.)

Please contact us for the nearest provider who can provide these to you.

Custom-Fit Earpiece: $65.00/ear
Custom-Fit Earmolds: $130.00/pr
See Non-Electronic Order Form to purchase

Additional products you might consider: iPlugz Sports Monitors, Competition Sports Monitors, ER-6 Isolator Monitors, ER-4 MicroPro Monitors, Z Series Professional Monitors

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