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VIP Technology Ear Mic w/Active Noise Cancellation - primero

Ear Mic technology has finally advanced into the professional security industry and continues to build on ease of use and specifics of clarity for integrated safety in louder environments.

This particular unit features VIP (Voice Intra-aural Pick-up) technology. This means that the integrated mic within the earpiece picks up and understands the vocal tones emitted through the ear canal. There is also an integrated mic on the outside that reads ambient noise levels and applies active noise canceling algorithms to eliminate echoes and louder noise surroundings.

The result, a small and sophisticated "boom less" headset system that is ideal for SCBA and helmet users such as HAZMAT groups, first responders, motorcyclists, riot police and other industrial occupations.

Units come complete with chest ptt (push-to-talk) and portable radio cable. Optional sniper/handle bar finger ptt is also available.

Costs: All inquires please contact us at info@earinc.com

Dual Pick-up VIP Systems w/Dynamic Active Hearing Protection - primero DPC

Some users looking for smaller, "in-ear," two-way radio communication systems will opt for this unit - custom, or non-custom-fit dual pick-up VIP System with Dynamic Active Hearing Protection technology.

Each earpiece contains a miniature loudspeaker and two miniature microphones. These microphones pick up the user's voice and the surrounding noise levels. These two contrasting signals are then mixed at different ratios.

Using blind source separation (BSS) technology, speech level patterns are then extracted and applied with noise cancellation to provide an effective understanding in surrounding noise levels up to 115dB.

When there are minimal active noise levels, the unit becomes "acoustically transparent." The user can hear all environmental sounds as if they were not wearing any protection at all. This also decreases the need to remove the hearing protection from their ear(s) at anytime they are being worn.

Industries this technology is being effectively used within include racing, law enforcement/military, industrial, motorcycling, fire fighting, EMS/first responders, etc.

Features include:

  • Instant attenuation of all dangerous sounds (including impulse noises) to a safe in-ear level
  • Speech transmission up to 115dB
  • Localization of life saving warning signals
  • Flexible connection to various radios
  • Optional waterproof "wireless" PTT's (Push-to-Talk) available
Units come complete with chest ptt (push-to-talk), portable radio connection. Optional "wireless" ptt's and custom-fit earpieces are also available.

Costs: All inquires please contact us at info@earinc.com

Tactical Ear-Mic Systems
When smaller units, such as these ear-mics where developed, the user was able to transmit and receive radio information without the need for a boom-mic or lapel microphone. This allowed users wearing breathing apparatuses (SCBA), high noise headsets and protective gear to only be concerned with one wire going to the ear/head and not obstructing in front of the mouth, or anything worn around the head.

The design was simple... placing small transducers that sense slight variations in the ear canal and convert them into an audio signal that can be easily understood by others. Meaning you speak and hear out of one ear!

We offer two such models - a canal lock generic-fit and a semi-custom fit. Options and accessory cables are listed below.

Semi-Custom Bone Conduction Ear-Mic Systems
This unit is designed to fit in the left ear and features a helix lock and an extended ear canal portion for a secure fit. It was designed to be a bit more robust being built with an overmolded ear shell, and sit in the ear much like a normal earplug would.

It is available with several different Push-to-Talk assemblies and additional securing ear covers to prevent accidental dislodging with rigorous activity.

Cost: $78.50/ea* (*does not include PTT assembly, see online store for pricing)
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Canal Lock Bone Conduction Ear-Mic Systems
This unit features a tapered curved tip and fits into the ear canal portion of the ear. The wire will wrap around the back side of the ear and can be draped down the users back or clipped to a vest collar.

It is also compatible with a line of different Push-to-Talk assemblies and securing ear coverings to prevent accidental dislodging while moving around.

Cost: $65.00/ea* (*does not include PTT assembly, see online store for pricing)
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