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With today’s advancements being made in cellular technology, the importance of "hands-free" communications is being ever more emphasized. In fact, ear-bud systems are now being required for safety reasons in several states while driving vehicles or operating equipment. Please review the following selections to determine which one is best for you. (See Chameleon Ears Order Form to purchase).

EarBudEar-Bud Systems
With a simple ear impression, we can "friction fit" just about any Ear-Bud system to provide you with hassle-free, and hands-free capability. To review the variety of color choices, please see our Chameleon Ear selections and pick out which one best suits your personality.

(Note: An ear impression is required for the Ear-Bud mold to be made correctly. Please contact us for nearest provider locations. We would also recommend sending in your personal earbud system for a "perfect fit" or so that we can suggest to you on how we can make a "perfect-fit" correctly for your system.)

Ear-Bud Mold (sent w/consumers personal ear-bud system)
Cost: $65.00 each - Order Form

MX500i VoIP Headset
Multi-task away while sounding professional at home or on the go with a MX500i headset from Plantronics. This versatile headset comes with an USB adapter for use with a PC, and a standard 2.5mm headset jack to plug into a cordless or mobile phone. Let callers hear you, not background noise, with crystal clear sound and mute control option. Enjoy hands-free mobility, all-day comfort and the convenience of a single ear design for easy side conversations.

Product features include:

  • WindSmart microphone reduces unwanted wind or fast motion noise when moving quickly!
  • Clear sound for internet and other calls, unique design, comfortable style for all-day wear.
  • USB adapter included for Internet phones. Also works with cordless, IP and most mobile phones.
  • Unsurpassed, all-day comfort with lightweight under-the-ear Flex Grip design.
  • Easily adjust volume and mute with one-touch controls, perfect for a noisy home environment.
  • Single-ear design for easy side conversations and listening to your surroundings while working.
  • Exceptionally clear sound for internet, cordless and mobile calls.

Buy Online - $59.95 each

VoyagerTM 510 Bluetooth Headset
Simplify your communications! The lightweight, versatile Plantronics VoyagerTM 510 Bluetooth Headset delivers all-day wearing comfort and provides a WindSmart® wind-repelling screen for clear voice transmission.

Featuring exclusive Multipoint Technology, the VoyagerTM 510 seamlessly transforms into a powerful communication solution for up to two Bluetooth devices. It's right here. Wherever, Whenever, Wireless.

Cost: $99.95* (*headset only) Buy Online

Plantronics Voyager PRO
Pushing the limits of headset technology, the Voyager PRO is the most advanced noise-canceling Bluetooth® headset available. Two noise-canceling mics on a boom, AudioIQ² technology with its adaptive 20-band equalizer, and three layers of WindSmart technology ensure that you hear every word and that your voice is heard clearly despite the noise around you. This extremely comfortable, behind-the-ear headset is further proof of Plantronics' 40-plus years of commitment to headset engineering excellence.

Cost: $99.00 Buy Online

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