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Skeleton-Style Earpiece
The Skeleton-Style Earpiece is used by operatives in all forms of undercover occupations such as F.B.I, SWAT, police and security teams, as well as broadcast professionals such as field reporters and anchorpersons.

The custom fit design allows for two-way radio transmissions, between a base operator and field operative, to occur via a small connected clear tubing, or amplified coil, which is attached to a receiver (usually worn underneath clothing). Its clear design allows it to be worn in the ear yet remain virtually invisible to outsiders. These can also be vented to compensate the "plugged up" feeling of a solid mold if desired.

Please review our Surveillance Systems for more information on available transducer cords and radio jack sizes.

(Note: Ear impressions are required for proper manufacturing of custom fit models. Please contact us to find your nearest provider at info@earinc.com.)

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  • Occluded (non-vented)
  • Semi-Occluded (filtered)
  • Non-occluded (vented or open)
  • Variety of colors
  • Compatible with most surveillance systems or shoulder-mic harnesses
  • Available in a variety of materials
  • Acoustic Coiled Tubing Buy Online
  • Amplified Coiled Tubing Buy Online
  • Fire-rated Amplified Coiled Tubing Buy Online
  • 90° Elbow Barbed Joint Buy Online
  • Snap-cap (female) Connector
  • Snap-cap (male) Connector
  • Amplified Coiled Tubing extension cables - 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 3.5mm Threaded styles
  • Earwax Removal Tool w/Brush Buy Online

Stock Injected
These tips are beneficial when outside sounds need to be heard. Made of a flexible silicone polymer, these tips come in small, medium and large sizes. Available in translucent pink only. Additional colors available upon volume requests.
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Stock custom-made
Custom-made stock units feature helix lock for better fit when active
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Occluded (non-vented)
Custom-fit occluded skeleton earpieces help isolate radio communications against outside noise levels. They are made without any venting and have a higher protection level against external noise exposure. These are used when more noises are present and hearing proximity sounds are less important.
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Semi-Occluded (filtered)
Semi-occluded custom-fit skeleton earpieces are design to allow a little more noise to enter the ear along with the isolated radio communications. These are used where the noise levels are still high but hearing some of your proximity noise is needed for safety concerns or requirements.
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Non-Occluded (vented or open)
Custom-fit non-occluded skeleton earpieces are beneficial when outside sounds need to be heard and understood without any muffling. These allow the ear to breath and give access for external noise to enter the ear unimpeded.
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NOTE: Custom-fit items can come in a variety of colors. See ORDER FORM for details.

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