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  Z-Series Professional Monitors
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The Z2 is our entry-level professional music monitor system. It is perfect for the emerging musician, passionate audiophile, audio engineer or sound board operator who is looking for better sound quality in a custom isolating monitoring system.

Built with balanced dual armature driver technology, we increase the users experience by incorporating better highs and bass tones. This gives the monitors better depth and characteristics over our Z1 single driver design and brings more enjoyment to your listening, or playing and recording choices.

Personalization with shell and faceplate colors will also add a unique aspect to your personal listening systems, and make these your best friends for years to come.

Units come professionally packaged with a standard 3.5mm gold plated ear cord, a small individual carrying case, cleaning tool, dehumidifier filler and locking protective storage case. (Spare ear cords and accessories can be purchased separately).

Cost: $495.00/set
See the Professional Monitoring Systems Order Form for ordering details

Z2 Specifications:
Frequency Range: 20Hz-18KHz
Impedance at 1kHz: 23ohms
Sensitivity at 1kHz: 126dB
Noise Isolation: 28dB +/- 2dB
Driver: 2 Driver w/Passive Crossover
Input Connection: 1/8" (3.5mm) Gold
    Plated Right Angle Jack
Warranty: 1Year Limited Warranty
  Basic Users:
Keyboard Players
Lead Guitar Players
Emerging Musicians
Higher Audio Enjoyment to MP3 Personal Listening
Sound Board Operators

(Note: This product is produced for the enjoyment of listening to audio/communications devices. But please remain aware of the dangers of listening to these devices at a loud volume level (85dB+). OSHA regulations state a volume of 80-85dB is safe for an eight hour period of time. If you are concerned about your hearing, please consult a hearing specialist who can advise you about your safety levels with your audio device.)

Additional Monitor Accessories:
Locking Storage Case Buy online
Personal Round Zipper Carrying Case Buy online
Replacement Pro Detachable Cable Buy online
Dri-Brik Desiccant Buy online
Earwax Removal Cleaning Tool Buy online
Audio-Wipe Moist Cleaning Cloth Buy online

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