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Deciding on which Z Monitor suits your requirements the best? These common questions and answers might help get you started.

   1) Why do you offer so many styles and varieties?
We try to offer a wide variety of monitors due to the overall clients we market too. This includes your average users to your high-end stage/recording artists. We offer these models and selections to bring more options to the end user depending on their applications, requirements and budgets.

   2) Why do you not show the bands and people you work with like
        many of the other in-ear companies?
Our simple approach to this question is would you buy our monitors knowing everyone else was using them... or was "given" to them for free? Truth is, many of the bands on those sites are "given" their monitors in sponsorship deals and expo extravagenzas... and half of them wouldn't even know who it was they were wearing as they get so many for free. So are you looking for a big impressive list of bands you might not even heard of before, or wanting to know what you're getting and the reasons behind it all?

   3) Depending on user, are some monitors to be considered over others?
Yes... another reason why we offer so many variations is because you have different people focusing on different frequencies of sound. Vocalists like a cleaner mid to higher frequency range because these are the sounds that are important for them to hear and understand clearly. Drummers and bass guitarist like monitors geared with a little more mid to low end frequencies for the same basic reasons. You also have the general users looking for well rounded sound and overall performance on both ends. This includes your average joe to the highly tuned audiophile fanatics. Other factors include maybe venues you're playing in (indoors/outdoors), the positioning of other band members, the audio equipment being supplied, the various background sounds and the amount of hearing loss you might already be suffering from.

   4) How do I properly care for my monitors once I receive them?
The Z monitors can take some abuse, but he biggest enemy for any in-ear monitor using armature drivers is moisture and wax build-up. This comes from the humidity that is built-up while wearing them, or the surroundings which they are being use (ie, outside, working out, on stage, etc.). Each monitor is supplied with an earwax removal tool and nylon brush. This is used to remove any debris from the surface of the monitor, and/or obstructions that enter the sound port hole(s). You can also use a semi-damp anti-bacterial wipe to clean the surface of the shell and faceplate. To save additional wear and tear on the drivers, you can use a desiccant absorption packet with an air-tight case. This will help dry out any unseen moisture within the sound tubes and cable sockets.

   5) Why do you offer three positions for the wire placement?
Many of our clients are not musician's and desire the cord to be coming straight down from the earpiece versus going over the ear with the PRO cord. This is typically a user choice though depending on personal preference versus personal activity. So this is why we offer these options for everyone to choose from.

   6.) What is covered with a warranty?
The basics behind our warranty is to address anything that goes wrong internally due to workmanship or failed component. Normal wear and tear, including wax impaction and moisture damage, discoloration of the cord, loss and broken connections will not be considered. Additional considerations will be taken on a case by case basis.

   7) How long has E.A.R., been making music monitors?
Are presence within the music industry has spanned for many years. We are not as high-keyed as some companies as we have several parts of our business that we cater too. The music industry and its followers have grown immensely since the availability of smartphones and portable MP3 players... and we try to stay on top of the changes as best we can. Hence, why we have such a selection from very simple to highly complex. We love working with bands and our general consumers in finding exactly what they need to enjoy their profession or music world to the best we can deliver!

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