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EARinc offers both electronic and non-electronic ear muffs.

Please review the following selections as we have several versions to choose from depending on your particular activity and requirements.

Swat-Tac Law Enforcement Earmuffs

Special-Ops Headset.

The Swat-Tac/Com-Tac electronic earmuff are excellent solutions for law enforcement or military teams looking for outside enhancements with communication abilities under ballistic helmets, or worn separately. Ideal for teams looking for use in training and reality applications as well as multiple purposes and longevity in use with departments with a short budget or income for tactical equipment.

The Swat-Tac II is a slim-design muff with battery compartments on both earcups.

Additional Features:

  • Laboratory tested NRR 20dB.
  • Durable, lightweight and durable construction, enhanced amplification for use in tough environments.
  • Can be utilized with virtually any two-way radio communication system.
  • Multi-versatile offering several attachable options such as throat-mic assemblies and waterproof PTT switches.
  • Touch-pad volume controls, low-profile earcups, and two omni-directional amplifying microphones.
  • We have the ability to adapt this ear muff to the Tactical Throat-Mic.
  • Approximate battery life: 250 hours (2 AA required)
  • Weight: 315g

Compatible radios include Com-Net Ericsson, ICOM, Kenwood, Bendix King, Maxon, Motorola, Relm, Yaesu Vertex. To see interface cable price list, click here.

Learn more about the Swat-Tac System.

Swat-Tac II Buy Online
Retail Radio Cables Cost: $160.00 - $390.00/ea

Boom-mic and additional accessories sold separately

E-A-R Model 1000 Ear Muff

E·A·R® Model 1000 Ear Muff
Our most popular model.

  • Laboratory tested NRR 20dB.
  • Durable, lightweight, non-conductive dielectric plastic for use in tough environments.
  • Universal fit headband comfortably fits most head sizes.
  • Soft, foam-filled cushions for greater comfort and protection
  • Pivoting Earcup Connection

Cost: $20.00 - Buy Online

E-A-R Model 3000 Ear Muff

E·A·R® Model 3000 Ear Muff
Our highest attenuating model.

  • Lightweight, durable plastic construction is non-conductive, dielectric for tough environments.
  • Large earcup openings with soft, foam-filled cushions provide excellent protection and comfort.
  • Replaceable foam cup liners and take-apart assembly make cleaning easy and offer longer muff life.
  • Laboratory tested NRR 25dB (over-the-head),NRR 26dB (behind-the-head) Class A (over-the-head) Class AL (behind-the-head).

Cost: $25.00 - Buy Online

TacticalTM 6 Stereo

PELTOR® - Tactical™ 6 Stereo
The compact, folding electronic hearing protector electronically perceives and localizes weak sounds.

  • NRR 19dB
  • Excellent for hunting applications, and for persons with preexisting hearing loss
  • Impulse noise attenuated immediately
  • Features dual, stereo volume controls
  • Wide, soft padded headBand distributes weight while two-point suspension exerts low pressure for comfortable, long term use
  • Soft, liquid foam-filled ear cushions provide added comfort
  • Light weight 8.8 ounces
  • Four 1.5 V long life AAA batteries provide 200+ hours of service.
  • Also available in Realtree Hardwood Camouflage texture

Cost: $70.00 - Buy Online

TacticalTM 6 Stereo Behind The Head

PELTOR® - Tactical™ 6 Stereo Behind the Head

  • NRR 19dB
  • Designed for cap and hat wearers
  • Electronics limit amplified sounds to 82dB
  • Distortion-free amplification of low level sounds up to 19dB
  • Stereo microphones enhance sound localization
  • Independent volume controls on each cup
  • Adjustable stainless steel backband

Cost: $70.00 - Buy Online

PELTOR TacticalPro 7 (Over-the-Head) Earmuffs

PELTOR® - TacticalPro 7 (Over-the-Head) Earmuffs
The TACTICALPro 7 has been designed with a unique frequency response that amplifies signals, voices and warning sirens while at the same time instantaneously suppressing dangerous impulse noises without clipping. With a slightly higher NRR rating then the Tactical 7, this earmuff also features the following characteristics.

  • External audio jack for two-way radio communication hook-up. Please call for further pricing
  • 2AA Batteries last 270+ hours
  • Automatic shut off if volume control is not adjusted for 2hrs
  • Stereo microphones
  • Amplification of up to 18dBA
  • Liquid/Gel filled ear cushions for additional comfort and long-term use
  • Easy-to-Use push button volume and on/off controls
  • Folding headband for compact storage
  • NRR 26dB

Cost: $180.00 - Buy Online

ShotGunner Hearing Protection

PELTOR® - ShotGunner Hearing Protection

  • NRR 21dB
  • World's lightest weight folding hearing protector
  • Tapered cup for the trap and skeet shooter
  • Reduces gun stock interference
  • Liquid/foam filled ear cushions
  • Adjustable headband
  • Available in black, green and red domes

Cost: $25.00 - Buy Online

ShotGunner Behind the Head Hearing Protection

PELTOR® - ShotGunner Behind the Head Hearing Protection

  • NRR 21dB
  • Designed for cap and hat wearers
  • Very lightweight (5.3 oz.)
  • Low profile liquid/foam filled ear cushions
  • Comfortable and secure fitting
  • Adjustable stainless steel backband

Cost: $25.00 - Buy Online

PELTOR - SportTac Digital Electronic Earmuff

PELTOR® - SportTac Digital Electronic Earmuff

  • Interchangeable earcups - black and hi-viz orange
  • Folding headband
  • Easy push button volume controls
  • Automatic turn-off when not in use
  • 500 hours of active running time on 2 AAA batteries
  • NRR 20

Cost: $120.00 - Buy Online

SHS Mini-Canal

Sensear's patented SENS® technology

Sensear's new range of hearing protection feature Sensear's world-first patented SENS® technology (Speech Enhancing Noise Suppression) for high quality clear speech communication and optimum hearing protection in high noise environments and across all classes of noise.

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