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Due to the numerous products we offer, we have a variety of order forms available to provide you with a convenient method to purchase via Fax or mail. All of our order forms are listed below. We also offer online shopping on a number of our products, to order online, visit our store, or click on a "Buy Online" link located on the product pages.

If your product requires an ear impression for a custom fit, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Visit with the E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold staff
    If you are visiting the Boulder/Denver area, we invite you to come and see us in our mini-lab facility. We can discuss your options and give you a demo of our electronic units, ear muffs, foam earplugs and more.
  2. Visit with an E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold provider in your area.
    Since we offer extensive product lines, many of our providers only service certain markets. Please contact our office at 800-525-2690 or 303-447-2619 to find your closest provider.
  3. Visit your local audiologist, ENT clinic or hearing aid dispenser.
    If we are not able to find a provider in your area, refer to the Yellow Pages under "Hearing" and make an appointment with a local audiologist, ENT clinic or hearing aid dispenser. Once you have your impressions, mail them along with a completed order form stating your physical address and method of payment to E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold. If mailing a check, please make payable to E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold.
  4. Visit E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold providers at recreational events worldwide.
    We have some of the best providers in the world that would be happy to discuss your hearing concerns and assist you in choosing the perfect product for your needs.
  5. Online Store
    The online store is available for several non-custom fitted products and models.
  6. NEW! Custom Fit Renewal and Upgrade Program
    E.A.R. Inc. is pleased to announce that is has the ability to help clients renew or upgrade their existing earmolds into new products providing their old earplugs continue to fit well and were originally made with a syringe. Click for more info!

Order Forms
To submit an order, choose one of the following forms, fill it out, print it, and then either fax or mail it to us. (Our address and fax number are on the order form)

Electronic Earplugs
* Custom-Fit Models – includes Digital Series and available options.
* Mini-Canal/SHS Models – includes Mini-Canal, SHS and Waterproof Hunter units
* Quick-Fit Models – includes Quick-fit models
* Private Ear Models – includes information on the available models and components

Non-Electronic Earplugs
* Non-Electronic Earplug Models – includes Chameleon Ears

Music Earplugs & Monitoring Systems
* Professional Monitoring Systems – includes Z Series stage music monitors
* Recreational Monitoring Systems – includes Competition and iPlugz Sports Monitors
* Racing Monitor Systems – includes racing and racing raceciever models
* Custom-Fit Flat Response Filtered Earplugs – includes information for the ER9, ER15 and ER25
* Generic-Fit Earplugs – includes the ER Hi-fi and Ultra-Tech stemmed earplugs

Specialty Earpieces
* Communication Earpieces – includes IFB/skeleton and receiver earpiece information
* Pilots Earpieces – includes single and binaural earpiece information Ear Muffs

Ear Muffs
* Electronic – includes both Over-the-Head and Behind-the-Head models
* Passive – includes both Over-the-Head and Behind-the-Head models
* Sensear – includes both Over-the-Head and Behind-the-Head models

Foam Earplugs
* Foam Earplugs – includes E-A-R Classic, TaperFit II, Express Pods, soft Fx
* SPAK Earplugs - includes SPAK information and ordering

Reusable/Temporary Earplugs
* Reusable Earplugs – includes UltraFit 27's, Indoor/Outdoor, HearPlugz-DF, EZ-In's
* Temporary Earplugs – includes Insta-Putty
* Banded Earplugs – includes CaboFlex

BlueTooth Systems
* BlueTooth Two-Way Radio Headsets - includes information on radio compatibility
* BlueTooth Two-Way Radio Shoulder-Mic - includes information on radio compatibility
* BlueTooth Telephone Systems - includes information on systems and accessories for VOIP
* BlueTooth Cell-Phone Systems - includes information on available system
* Sensear

Watersport Products
* PROEAR Scuba Diving Mask – includes PROEAR Original, Corona, Panorama, Mondeo models
* Ear Band-it – includes sizing information and color choice selections

Hearing Accessories and Miscellaneous Products
* Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories – includes batteries, digital battery reader and
  dehumidifier blocks.
* Hearing Aid Accessories – includes cleaning tools and carrying pouches
* Hearing Related Products – includes otoscope, wax removal drops, disinfectant towelettes, etc.
* Generic Eartips and Audio Tubing

Sports Glasses - NYX Sports Vision Systems
* Carbon Pro – includes packages, lenses, frames, nosepieces, etc.
* Classic Competition – includes packages, lenses, frames, cleaning clothes, etc.
* Pro Z17 – order form for Pro Z17
* Arrow – includes packages, lenses, frames, cleaning clothes, etc.
* intraSPX Prescription Insert – order form and pricing for prescription/corrective eyewear.

Health Supplements
* Health Supplements – includes RingStop, RingStop Ear Drops, HearAll, OptiAll
* Hearing Health Supplement – includes information on the Hearing Health capsules

Since many of our clients are active in numerous backgrounds and hobbies, we are often asked to make additional products from their original ear impressions. If you have additional product requests like a Cell phone Ear-Bud or Chameleon Ears, please make a special note on the order form and we will be sure to get them done along with your original order. We do our best to expedite all orders within 7-10 business days. If you require rush delivery, please specify. (Note: All rush orders require an additional $50)

If you have any additional questions, please contact contact E.A.R., Inc. Thank you for your interest and support in E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold products. We look forward to servicing your requests.

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