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E.A.R. Inc. handles inquiries from all over the world for tactical equipment and hearing protection concerns. Since most of our items can be adapted to just about any communication item, we offer several options to suit each users needs. With this ability, and growing interests, E.A.R. created an International Tactical Marketing team to address the communication needs of law enforcement, military, fire and rescue teams in a timely and meaningful manner.

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Austin SWAT

Using E.A.R's products have enhanced our teams ability during stealth/deliberate entries, and has made our live fire, explosive and distraction Device training safer. In fact, because of E.A.R. products we are able to wear hearing protection while still maintaining a high level of hearing and communications during tactical operations.

-Austin, Texas S.W.A.T.

Austin SWAT

Available Products:

Shoulder Mic Systems Lightweight Headset Throat-Mic System Surveillance Kit

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Adjustable Hearing Screener & Fit Check Electronic Earplugs NYX Sports Glasses Insta-Mold
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