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Will I be able to hear when wearing solid ear protectors?

The main pathway for sound to travel through the ear is via the outer ear canal. Sound is also transmitted to the auditory nerve (inner ear) through bone conduction and through the eustation tubes. As a result, if the outer ear is blocked you should be able to hear. See how the ear works.

What considerations should I make for ear protection if I wear a helmet?

Usually most users request a filter when driving a motor vehicle and they also choose to have no handles or cords on their devices.

Are ear protectors designed for sleeping or meditation different from the usual customized ear plugs?

Yes. We usually design the canal shorter and recess the exterior portion of the mold so it does not interfere with head movement.

What types of modifications can I request when ordering hearing enhancement devices?

The basic units described in our marketing materials and Web site can be modified to enhance wireless radio/telephone communications. Some of our clients who need hearing enhancement only request we vent their molds to reduce the effects of hearing their own voices louder.

Does your lab keep my impressions?

No. It would be impossible to keep these on file. We do, however, return impressions or ear investments to most consumers ordering our high-grade electronic electronic earplugs.

What is the difference between testimonials and lab studies?

Remember, most testimonials or articles express the feelings or beliefs about a product or service. They are not to be confused with registered lab studies that provide documentation about the performance of a product. We recommend documented research be the consumers first priority as hearing is a one-way trip. Stay away from gimmicks and DO NOT SHOP PRICE when you evaluate your hearing protection needs.

What should I consider when choosing color?

Vibrant colors are used for minimizing loss. Choose skin tones to reduce visibility such as in a band, TV, video production, security, etc.

Can your Private Ear series be used with cell phones?

Yes. Some companies such as Nokia provide loop systems that are worn around the neck and are attached to a cell phone. This permits hands-free communications with cell phones and can be used by bicyclists, skiers, hikers, etc. A similar configuration is also used with 2-way radios. Private Ear can also be incorporated into most electronic ear protectors and are used by security groups or instructors. One of the most unique application of Private Ears comes from instructors/trainers using 2-way radios that are separated from their students in equestrian training, horse racing or figure skating. Small 2-way radios with 14 channels or more in combination with Private Ears permits instructors/trainers to speak to each separate student on a separate channel providing communications within a 2-mile radius. It is a very unique and excellent concept promoted by E.A.R. Inc.

Why don't you post prices on your electronic hearing protection?

We have an extensive network of national and international providers which have asked us to not post prices for the electronic hearing protection based on the valuations of the US dollar.

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