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E.A.R., Inc. Introduces a REVOLUTIONARY Hand Held Hearing Screening Device

It's an EYECHART for your EARS!

Do you know someone who may be having a hearing problem?

The Problem
The problem is simply this... "Hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure is at an all time high worldwide". Noise induced hearing loss often begins in the high frequencies that do not contribute much to understanding speech and communication. That is one reason why the problem often goes unrecognized until it has advanced into the critical frequencies for understanding speech... 500 HZ, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz and 3000 Hz. Quite often there is consumer denial. TV's are louder, noisy restaurants are very difficult for communicating and lip reading is often required for compensating awareness and understanding. For hunters it is even worse because they cannot hear game movement or the whereabouts of their dogs. Motorcyclists continue to report hearing loss from wind noise while musicians get exposed to loud music.

The Solution
One thing that has become remarkably apparent is the fact that consumers are demonstrating the need to know more about the status of their health. For example, pregnancy test kits, vision test kits, glucose testing kits, alcohol level testing kits and now a hearing test kit from E.A.R., Inc. This device is extremely easy to use and is an excellent tool for those consumers wanting to know more about their hearing acuity. Simply push the button between the four frequency tones available on the face of the unit and hold device close to the ear. You should be able to hear a tone. People with high frequency hearing loss will often miss 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz frequencies. Check each frequency and record the results.

(Note: This unit recognizes tones found in the "CRITICAL SPEECH RANGE" by many professional hearing healthcare providers. Most hearing losses due to excessive noise exposure begins at 4000 Hz level.)

Powered by 2 replaceable AAA batteries, this unit will also indicate a low battery and will not work below normal operating voltage.

Remember this is a screening device and the most accurate test can usually be administered in a sound proof booth by a certified hearing health care professional.

Another use...Check your ear protectors or hearing aids. Simply screen your hearing as described above. Put on your ear protectors and note the differences.

This hand held hearing screener is an exciting new inexpensive tool for detecting hearing acuity and should be a valuable and fun tool to use with family and friends.

Price: $25.00 each Buy Online

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