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The ACCES® system is designed around two primary principles:

* 1) To improve military ground crew and pilot communications
* 2) To protect the users hearing against damaging noise levels

Developed, manufactured and tested in partnership with the US Air Force Research Laboratory, the custom-fit ACCES® system ultimately provides proven isolation and better comfort levels over current available generic options. This means the user will get the same "sealed" fit every time and virtually eliminate any pressure spots and constant insertion and removal hassles of generically-fit products. This feature is very important to such individual users who are constantly surrounded by noise levels that reach beyond 130dB - 150dB's. At these extreme noise levels, an individual is placed into an immediate hearing loss risks that could potentially ground them from flying, or cause critical errors by ground crew personnel in understanding radio transmissions clearly and precisely while on deck.

The ACCES® earpieces are manufactured in flexible silicone and available in multiple colors. They are also removable from the cable harness transducers. This makes them easy to maintain by washing them with normal soap and water. It also means that one harness could easily be used

Available connections include:

Flight Mask Communications Cable
The ACCES® Flight Mask communications cable connects the ACCES® modular cable and mask microphone to the aircraft communication system.

ACCES® Helo Cable

ACCES® modular cable with micro speaker is specifically designed for "L" SMB helicopter communication systems.

ACCES® Modular Cable
The ACCES® modular cable houses a micro speaker and is used with pilot and ground crew systems.

Additional Security:
To make sure each ACCES® cable is functional correctly, you can also purchase the Universal Audio Cable Verification system. This system runs on two AA batteries and allows the user to test each cables frequency response for degradation and optimization. A visual indication is witnessed at three critical "speech" frequency ranges. Green LED light means "GOOD," a red LED light means "BAD." With 70dB's of dynamic range, the UACV will verify very quickly if you have a problem with any of the cable selections above. It is also factory reprogrammable for testing on future ACCES® cables.

For further information on how to get fit please contact our office by email, info@earinc.com, by phone 800-525-2690/303-447-2619, or by fax 303-447-2637.

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